Aadhaar Based Products

EnBioScan C1 HFDU08 STQC Certified Scanner 


                   Download Application Setup for Registered Device 

Download Drivers and SDK from below

DactyScan 84C STQC Certified Fingerprint Slap Scanner

Download Drivers and SDK from below

UGR86 (UIDAI Aadhaar Approved GPS Module)

Download Setup and Manual from below

BioEnable -G1(UIDAI Aaadhaar Approved GPS Module )

BMT20 STQC Certified IRIS Scanner

Download Drivers and SDK from below

Access Control & Time Attendance Products

                                                                   Product Brochure

Fingkey Access 2                    Click here for Download

eNBioAccess-T1                     Click here for Download

eNBioAccess-T2                     Click here for Download

BioEnable B1                           Click here for Download

BioEnable B3                           Click here for Download 

eNBioAccess-T3    Click here for Download

eNBioAccess-T5    Click here for Download

eNBioAccess-T9   Click here for Download

BioEnable B10      Click here for Download

BioEnable B20      Click here for Download

                                                                  Installation Manual's

B1 Installation Manual         Click here for Download                   B10 Installation Manual      Click here for Download

B3 Installation Manual        Click here for Download                    B20 Installation Manual      Click here for Download

                                                                   Software Installation

1. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express 32 bit Version -  Click here to Download

2. Install MyAttendance (Useful for B3 & B20) - Click here to Download

3. Install MyAttendance (Useful for B1 & NITGEN All Products) - Click here to Download

                                 Video Links for SQL and My Attendance Software

Fingkey Hamster DX HFDU06

 Download drivers and SDK from below

FIM 6060: Fingerprint Module

                  Endess Professional Application

This application is used for making login to pc using fingerprint authentication.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7

For any support related with products 

 email query on

Service & Support Escalation Matrix

Pune Office:-

Level 1:-Sayali Patil, For entire Tech Support on H/W, S/W, Testing, Off-site Services, 

AMCs, Nitgen interactions and Tenders – 020-66813751/3722

Email id- cc to

For scanners and related SDK:-Email id- Phone: 020 66813721 / Whatsapp Chat Only: 9850830066

Level 2:Mr. Yogesh Dorik-On-site Installation and Support:+91 9326170553/ 020-66813752 / 66813722


Delhi Office :-Entire network: Mr. Kumar Satyamev: +91-9654307078 Email

National Service Centre for entire biometric products :

Mr. Dinesh Mhatre +91-9370313753 Email

Level 3: Mr. Yogesh Dorik [Manager - Support and Services] emails on +91 9326170553